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#watches & clock⏰

¶A watch is a device that tells people to work on ?time. A ⌚ watch is a device that allows people to do their work ?on time?.just as the ☀sun and ?moon are known to rise at the time ? and sleep ?, in the same way, the clock⏰ tells ??peopleto do their work on time ?, and makes them punctual. All the clock⏰ shows the same ?time. We can’t do our work ? without a watch⌚. In earlier times people used key watches but now there are cell watches⌚. Over time, watches are also undergoing new changes such as their designs in their colors etc.

#wall watches⌚

#¶there are many types of ⌚watch like ❤ a wall clocks, handheld clock⏰ alarm clock⏰etc.

#wall watches⌚

Peacock art wall clock

#this is a designer wall clock. Three type off a peacock wall clock.

Attractive wall clocks

This watch easily available on the online app.

#Boys handwatches brand….

Boys ? ✋Handwatches

@zoop, @casio, @titan, @disney, @fastrack, @tommy Hilfiger,@Guess, @Daniel klein, @Michael Kors, @Timex, @Maxima, @citizen

#Girls handwatches Brand….

Latest Handwatch for girls

@Sonata, @Fastrack, @Titan, @Timex, @Fassil, @Armani, @Zoop Wellington, @Micheal kors etc.

Lots of Brands..

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